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Belladonna Nightshade Press is a micro-press publishing speculative fiction novels, short stories, and anthologies in paperback and electronic form. You can buy our books here online or from vendors like We have a list of open submission calls if you are an author wishing to be included in one of our upcoming anthologies.

Books currently available:

By Dan Shaurette

Donovan, lonely and getting over the recent death of his parents, asks his friend Christian to move in with him when he relocates back home again to Phoenix from Los Angeles.

After the Vampire Hunters find Lilith in New Orleans, she and her Wiccan friend Anna decide to go where they think no one would expect to find vampires — The Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ.

Christian, who is also Wiccan, meets Anna at a Samhain event on Halloween. The chemistry between them is immediate, and when they introduce their roommates to each other, Don realizes Lilith is not only the woman of his dreams — but that she is the woman in his dreams at night.

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By Dan Shaurette

Capt. Matt Black and Dr. Andrew MacGillivray are a pair of paranormal private eyes hot on the trail of someone — or something — killing women during the raucous 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Stranger things are afoot however when their friend, L. Frank Baum, finds a man who was brutally attacked not far from the Fair.

If you are interested in the audiobook version of this story, you can also listen for free at

If you would like to purchase a package deal of the eBook AND the audio files, and share proceeds directly with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, then please visit the book's LeanPub page.

The Vampire Writers Support Group proudly presents FRESH BLOOD, an eclectic collection of short stories about vampires. The authors gracing our pages are Daven Anderson, Matthew Banks, Lucy Blue, Jessica Cage, Danielle DeVor, Drusiana, Donna Fernstrom, Donald L. Pitsiladis, Karen Plaisance, Selene MacLeod, Brian P. McKinley, Dan Shaurette, Tabitha Grace Smith, Emma Rawlin, and Jay Wilburn.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the eBook and paperback are donated to the National Hemophilia Foundation.